Wether your moving home or premises we understand it can be a stressful time.

You don't know for certain who and how many people may have keys to your new home so getting the locks changed are paramount.

Call AJK Locks and pre-book an appointment in advance so your locks can be changed the day you move in giving you piece of mind that your the new key owner.

Once you've settled in you may want some extra forms of security, maybe a Home Intruder alarm or a Cctv survelliance system to give your house the visual security and deterrent.

  • Check your Timber doors conform to bristish standard 3621.
  • Do your windows have key operated locks.
  • upgrade your Upvc door cylinders to 3 Star Anti Snap Cylinders.
  • Keep your gates and sheds padlocked with weather resistance padlocks.
  • fit additional locks to garage doors.
  • Have a Home Intruder Alarm installed.
  • Fit Security cameras. 
  • Have a safe installed for valuables and documents.
AJk LOCKS replace and fit new locks. When you move home make sure this is your first priority.